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Visual AutoLISP Training Method

By Charles Robbins (Author)

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Spiral Bound: 225 pages

Published by World Class CAD, LLC

Table of Contents

Copyright: 2005

Ch. 1: The World Class CAD Visual AutoLISP Training Method

Language: English

Unit 1

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

Ch. 2: The Boxcircle Problem

Shipping Weight: 1 lb

Ch. 3: The Anglemaker Program  
Appendix A. Practice Problems 3 through 8  
Unit 2  
Ch. 4: Arithmetic Functions  
Appendix B Math Computation Programs  
Ch. 5: Input and String Handing Functions  
Appendix C Adding Text to a Titleblock  
Ch. 6: While Loops and Animations Programs  
Appendix D Motion Problems  
Unit 3  
Ch. 7: Creating a Complete Detail  
Appendix E More Details  
Ch. 8: List Manipulation Functions  
Appendix F Bill of Material Programs  
Ch. 9: Auto Dimensioning  
Appendix G Dimensioning Problems  
Unit 4  
Ch. 10: Retrieving Information Code (RIP)  
Appendix H Drawing Editing Programs  
Ch. 11: Interfacing with External Files  
Appendix I Creaing a Customer Quote from a Drawing File  
Unit 5  
Ch. 12: VBA, The Next Step  
Reference - Alpha Numeric  
Instructor Support  
New Scoring Spreadsheet  

Chapter 6 While Loops and Animations
Do Animations with a While Loop in Chapter 6

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