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Subjects in Architecture

Any drawing is an accumulation of ideas put into written form. When you receive them from the customer or the end user, the designer utilizes as many technologies as known presently.

Questions come to the designer in many shapes, like what is the number of rooms in the house? How many people will utilize the dwelling or what is the workflow that will exist in the structure?

Who is the customer, which is always a tricky question?

The contractor, who may be building a series of houses along a new street, feels they are the customer, but as all owners soon discover the end user will determine the reputation and the demand for the final product.

What does the designer or architect bring to the equation?

They bring experience, they are a center point to collect information from all parties involved, a vessel of style using art and creativity, a safety officer understanding ergonomics and convenience. Yes, a good designer will collect all the input, sort through the magnitude of requests, prioritize the output based upon design criteria and create a storyboard or sketch which they or the CAD operator will place in the computer.

The Residential Architectural chapters are introductory examples to give the beginning architect or architectural designer a good foundation in the computer-aided-design using a real set of drawings.


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