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World Class CAD Staff

Charles Robbins Founder and author
Mark Bughman Founder and author
Paul Blischak Author
Andrew Perry Author
Christopher Hilling Author
John Losco Author
Joe Robbins Author
John Robbins Author
Annette Caldwell Web Designer, Author and Database Specialist
Anthony Core Web Designer and Author
Stacie Graham Web Designer and Author
Chris Scales Web Designer, Author and Help Desk Specialist
Rashedah Monk Student Wed Designer

Charles Robbins' Short Bio

World Class CAD began as a project beginning in 1998 by Mark Bughman and Charles Robbins to support classroom instruction and distant learning students. An agreement between a college and Mr. Robbins resulted in joint ownership of all of the instructional material. Initially, they created the video training packages for the 10-week 2D CAD class, then for the 10-week quarter instructing 3D lessons and individual digital presentations for Visual AutoLISP. By 2000, 100% ownership of the program was given to Mark and Charles. By 2003, the first lessons were placed on the website. By the end of 2008, twelve complete textbooks covering subjects on 2D and 3D CAD, Programming and Engineering skills for AutoCAD, Microstation and Pro Engineer software are available online and in print. In 2009, more CAD training on other platforms like Solid Edge and Solid Works are coming. At the end of this year, there will be close to a thousand chapters and other support resources published on the site covering electrical and mechanical engineering and design architecture.

Charles Robbins has been designing products since the 1970's and teaching at the college and professional level since 1984. He specializes in the area of Computer Aided Design from real world experience. He also instructs courses in Windows software, computer hardware and other assorted computer networking subjects. As a senior designer, he has taught all the course material in a CAD department, specializing in the areas of design, training management and programming. His favorite area is in the development of graduates through challenging Capstone projects. Using new techniques to reduce work time, computer applications to visualize concepts, and installing a solid foundation of technical processes have made his approaches to problem solving unique to the industry.

His career has been a plethora of major design projects with 14 years with Siemens' Airport Lighting and Controls and the Electric Motor Division creating hundreds of products. Designing and marketing the SGRS high efficiency switchgear system and developing major components of the BRITE airport traffic control system were great experiences. In 1990 at Siemens, he formed an Engineering programming group where they wrote hundreds of automatic drawing programs that make thousands of new drawings in seconds every year. He spent two years in both the steel and automotive industry for project specific tasks.

Charles spent 21 years in the US Army and Ohio Army National Guard from 1978 to 1999, serving the entire time with combat ready units. He served eight years in Armor Cavalry units, six years in the Light Infantry and seven years in an Armor brigade. He commanded two Armor companies, D/147th Armor and B/147th Armor. He commanded a unit in the high security zone at the Atlanta Olympics, instructed at military schools and in units from 1981 through 1999, and he has received numerous citations and awards. He currently is a retired Armor officer in the Army Reserve.

Charles is married to Donna Blischak from Toronto, Ohio and they have two children. They are residents of Gahanna, Ohio since their marriage. Charles has completed over five years of college in Engineering, Training Management and Business.

While primarily writing, Charles still teaches at local colleges and is active with St. Gregory's Orthodox Church near the Ohio State University campus, where he chairs the Outreach program and spends many hours a week on building improvement and campus area projects.


Mark Bughman's Short Bio

As co-founder of World Class CAD, I am responsible for course work development, video training and teaching. I have been with the organization since the beginning and the development of the World Class CAD training manuals and videos with my co-partner Charles Robbins has been the pinnacle of my career. This project has been an inspiration to students, instructors and professionals aboard. Professional training is an awesome responsibility, and I am proud to be a part of the success of hundreds of designers across the country.

As the owner of Vision One Engineering and Design, I stay current in the field designing houses, bathrooms, kitchens, hair salons, coffee shops, restaurants, patio desks, residential sound and video systems. My business is both a design and installation construction company. For the last four years, the Company is a total handyman service which includes Computer Aided Design (CAD), electrical, plumbing, painting, flooring, custom countertops, cabinetry and virtually all aspects of residential construction either old or new.

One of my favorite aspects of my life for the past 30 years is being a Disc Jockey for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthday parties, social events and setting up engineering sound for local entertainers. My career has taken me in many different directions and heights. In Columbus Ohio, I was in industrial sales for many years, working as an architectural designer and engineering fabricator in the commercial mill business.

I spent two years as a High school Industrial Technology teacher in northern Ohio after graduating from college. After being away from teaching while working in the architectural engineering field, I took a position as an instructor at the Technical Education College. I taught subjects in Architectural, Electrical and Mechanical Design, Mathematics, basic and advanced AutoCAD Software and computer networking classes. Much of my time spent there was designing instructional course work, improving the classroom environment, developing technical teaching theories and methods.

I am a resident of Wellington Ohio which happens to be my home town. This is where I graduated from high school in 1979 and where my businesses are located. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology from Bowling Green State University in 1984. I have compiled many different trade certificates over the past several years. I am member of the First Congregational United Church in Wellington Ohio.

Mark Bughman
World Class CAD


Paul Blischak's Short Bio

As the newest addition to the authors working for World Class CAD, I was very honored and excited to begin working in the Drafting and Engineering world. Although I had no prior experience in drafting, I enjoyed learning how to use the AutoCAD and Solid Edge programs and was surprised by how quickly I was able to use them effectively.

My first project was to edit the Fundamentals of 3D Drawing textbook for AutoCAD 2010 and I also released videos for the first three exercises in the book. After that I wrote the Fundamentals of 2D Drawing textbook for the Siemens Solid Edge program. I am currently in the process of writing the Microsoft Word textbook as well.

In the summer of 2008, I worked at Summit Machine, a machine shop in Mogador, Ohio. This was my first introduction to the industrial world and manufacturing process. I worked as a machine operator on a number of mills such as the Haas VF-1 and VF-2. Having worked at a machine shop has shown me how the drawings that are made by draftsmen are interpreted and programmed into the machines so that the parts and assemblies can be made.

I am a student at The Ohio State University and plan to graduate in 2012 from the College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Although, at this time I am unsure which track I plan to study within the math major, I am considering doing an applied math track in either chemistry or biology.

In high school I played volleyball and soccer and today I still enjoy playing sports and being active.


Andrew Perry's Short Bio

As one of the newest members of the World Class CAD staff, I recognize that diversity is the strength of a well-oiled machine. The authors on the team have so many innovative experiences in the technical world, and I will add the energy of a recently graduated professional to many endeavors. World Class CAD is my chance to give back to the architecture and engineering community by teaching others what I have learned. The invitation to write material for this web, book and video series is quite an honor.

My career in the manufacturing world stretches into many fields including Heat Treatment, Hot Isostatic Press, Zinc Plating, and Phosphate Coating. I have many years of real world industry experience in methods of assembly, inventory management, shipping and receiving, and machine maintenance.

Earning an Engineering Associates Degree, with honors, from Kaplan Higher Education's Technology Education College, my specialty is Mechanical Design. I have assisted an entrepreneur in making marketing and production drawings for their newly patented product entailing many intricate details and assemblies. I have had great successes in product design using 3D Modeling, Visual AutoLISP and VBA Programming.

From 2000 to present I have been an at home father in London, Ohio. While taking on CAD projects at home, my wife has continued to work for a local bank during this time. We have two wonderful children, ages five and seven. Being an at home father has been testing at times, but overall the experience has been a terrific ride. I am helping to mold two young minds into what they will eventually become, and on some levels, they have taught me more than I have taught them.

Andrew Perry
World Class CAD


Christopher Hilling's Short Bio

Ever since I have joined the Engineering field in the mid 1990's after graduating from high school, I look everyday to the new challenges ahead of me. As one of the newest authors of World Class CAD organization, I feel that I have the chance to leave my impression on both the art and science of design and bring to the latest students that are newly studying to enter the design profession an original product. With the challenges that I build into my lesson plans, each individual working to learn the trade will have tangible exercises to build their confidence.

I have been involved with Computer Aided Design (CAD) in one form or another since I was 16. My first experience with architectural and engineering standards and practices came from the Northeast Career Center in Columbus, Ohio, where I received my certificate in drafting and design. My education is very important to me. I received my Associate's degree in Electro-Mechanical engineering from Columbus State Community College in late 2002. I then went on to get my Bachelor's degree in Applied Management from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. My future education plans include a Master's Degree in Business and Technology Management.

After a short stint at a local civil engineering firm, I went to work for Siemens Airfield Solutions, where I met Charles Robbins. In this design group, I learned to automate engineering drawings, code programmable logic controllers, design and model new products, exercise the skills of a project manager over multi-million dollar projects where the knowledge of computers, mechanical and industrial design were paramount. After eight years, I decided to expand my knowledge and skills in other manufacturing and consulting fields. So currently, I am an electrical designer with a major United States power utility company. In addition to my current employment, I am also an instructor for Technology Education College in Columbus, Ohio where I have taught in the Computer Aided Design and Computer Applications departments.

Chris Hilling
World Class CAD


John Losco 's Short Bio

After graduating from Pratt Institute in New York City with a degree in Education, with a K-12 teaching certification, and a minor in Design, I proceeded on to graduate school. My undergraduate work included teaching at Susan Wagner High School in Staten Island and during graduate school teaching at the Pratt Weekend School for Gifted Children in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn.

As newly graduated teachers were plentiful and teaching jobs were in short supply, design and engineering was beginning to look much better. I accepted an offer from American Electric Power (AEP) to work in their Mechanical Design Division. AEP had a rotational program for recent graduates to introduce them to the different disciplines in which one can specialize. This program opened my eyes to HVAC, Electrical and Nuclear engineering. My career was going in a different direction than with my love of teaching, so I changed my graduate studies to an undergraduate in Engineering.

With AEP, I started traveling and visiting power plants all over the Midwest. I accepted an internal offer to be one of the first associates to move to Columbus, Ohio and be part of the Mechanical Design Group start up. (Pretty exciting for a New York City kid in his early twenties!) About a year after arriving and working in Columbus, I started a company called Worthington Design. As CEO, I enjoyed much success in doing local design work from patent drawings for new products to architectural drawings for new homes, stores, store fixtures and trade show booths. The disciplines learned previously served well in developing a well-rounded service-oriented company.

One exciting project that turned into a full-time career was creating graphics for CompuServe's computer network services, including work in early computer gaming. The plan was to use their computer network and reach out to the general public with communications such as electronic mail and a new service where companies could show their products through computer communications. My assignment was to work in the new "electronic mall". We did not know the outcome then, but we were one of the first groups building the future Internet. (Side note: I don't remember ever meeting Al Gore at CompuServe or when we met with other technical people across the country.) The growth and development of CompuServe moved quickly and suddenly H & R Block bought CompuServe to use the network for electronic tax filing. H & R Block was not interested in electronic mail and interactive gaming. With H & R Block's acquisition of CompuServe, I saw this chapter of my career ending. Back with Worthington Design, I continued to take on new projects. Much of my work came from the store fixture industry. This work introduced me to companies such as AC Design, Ontario Store Fixtures and Columbus Show Case Company.

Now, in the early 1990's and the store fixture and other industries were moving their engineering to "Computer Aided Design". Ontario Store Fixtures was using VersaCAD by MAC. Columbus Show Case Company moved their entire engineering department to AutoCAD. The engineering world was now realizing all future design work was going to be done with Computer Aided Design.

I embraced this medium and after several years, accepted a position to head up the engineering department at a company called SignStrut. This was another fast-paced service oriented company using AutoCAD. Their vinyl backlit signs are delivered to petroleum oasis and convenience store locations worldwide. AutoCAD serves in designing fluorescent signage hundreds of feet off the ground with viewing capabilities from over a mile along highways. Here I had the task of finding AutoCAD drafts people, designers and engineers. I realized this country has a shortage of people able to work in AutoCAD. In my quest to find people, I approached Technical Education College in Columbus and agreed to teach AutoCAD. My goals were first to stay current on the continuing upgrades to AutoCAD and second, to hire their best students. This plan succeeded but also woke up the teacher in me that had been in the background sleeping.

I have been teaching AutoCAD in the evenings for several years working with students who just want to improve themselves. I am now a Senior Engineer with Columbus Show Case Company using Pro Engineer Wildfire. This system uses 3D models of parts to design products. Wildfire can inform the designer of part interference and do finite element analysis. I now develop and design refrigerated showcases and hot food presentation showcases for the grocery and convenience store environments.

As an author, I am currently working on a Pro-E Wildfire reference guides. This guide is in alphabetical order using step-by-step procedures to accomplish task. I am also working on a Pro-E Wildfire beginner book for those who want to learn Pro-E on their own.

John Losco
World Class CAD


Joe Robbins' Short Bio

Joe Robbins is a new author in the World Class CAD group of designer and engineers. His ability to grasp design concepts and convey to the reader any process using new CAD software programs is awesome. He is also the World Class CAD video editor.

Joe is the author of the Language of Drawing and Beginning with 2D CAD textbooks. He will continue with the Microstation PowerDraft series throughout 2008, with his next textbook, Advancing with 3D CAD. We expect to see Joe maintain a steady release of online videos for the Microstation virtual classroom.

Joe has four years of television experience with two stations, WGLH and WOUB, where he has experience as a reporter, anchor and film editor. He was chief editor of the Gahanna High School yearbook and is a member of the Athena yearbook staff at his University. Joe attends Ohio University, College of Journalism where he expects to earn of Bachelors degree in Journalism in 2011.

Joe enjoys playing volleyball, video games and traveling with his friends.


John Robbins' Short Bio

John F. Robbins is a home and small building designer and energy consultant since the mid-1980s working with clients mostly in southwest Ohio, southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky, but also throughout the east USA and a few western states like Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. He most commonly designs and consults on utility-grid-connected structures which target and achieve very low utility bills, often a third or less than average. He also performs analysis and simulation to fine-tune and optimize designs. Whether projects involve passive solar, solar electric, rainwater catchments or even conventional energies, John works both supply and demand options to optimize performance, minimize pollution demand and energy costs. John also develops and leads consumer education presentations on how to achieve energy and environmental goals, especially in residential and small commercial settings.

John has applied his work to his own home and office. John's northern Kentucky office is powered by solar electricity since November 2001. His article about this conversion, "5 Parts Load Reduction, 1 Part Solar," was published in HOMEPOWER magazine, issue 97, Oct-Nov 2003. His 2100 pre-owned all-electric home in Northern Kentucky, about 40 minutes south of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, has been substantially remodeled for superior energy efficiency and passive solar heating since 1997. Its electric utility bills have been lowered dramatically. His home and solar-powered office have been opened to the public tours several times, including American Solar Energy Society's "National Tour of Solar Homes". Many of John's super-efficient homes have also been featured on tours and in media features in and around Greater Cincinnati.

John has been among the leaders of the southwest Ohio Alternate Energy Association (AEA) since the early 1980s. He also holds the residential chair of the southwest Ohio Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). He has received four awards from AEE since 1990 for energy and environmental design projects, including local Energy Engineer of the Year in 1994 and Environmental Engineer of the Year in 2004. John was co-recipient of the Ohio Governor's Award in 1998 for Excellence in Energy Efficiency in the Education Category for his design and presentation of a solar power plant in the middle of the woods at YMCA Camp Kern in Oregonia Ohio. One of his southwest Ohio passive solar homes was featured in a national article in SOLAR TODAY magazine in fall 1998.

John sells no products, accepts no commissions for and has no commercial affiliation or association with any manufacturers of any products he uses, recommends or specifies.

John F. Robbins CEM
Design, Analysis, Consulting & Education to Improve Ecological Performance
and Author

World Class CAD


Annette Caldwell's Short Bio

I have a strong background in telecommunications programming and software engineering, and I have brought all of that work experience to college students as the Core Computer Information Systems program Instructor. The CAD department at TEC and their wonderful staff has always impressed me, and I am proud to assist in this outreach of the World Class CAD program to the Internet. My husband was a graduate of the CAD program in July 2005, and many companies are impressed with his 3D, animation, and programming designs he brings to their organizations.

In education, I hold a B.S. Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology, 1997, and a certification in Periphonics PeriPro Telephony Application Software, 1998.

Other positions I hold in addition to assisting with World Class CAD include being CEO of my sole proprietorship, AVS Productions Digital Enterprise, and the telecommunication companies I have worked for include CoreComm communications, Convergys Corporation in Norwood, OH, and MATRIXX marketing of Worthington, OH.

I have a wonderful son who is eleven and dreaming of being a math scientist. Also, please feel free to visit my homepage at for more information.

Annette Caldwell
Web Designer, Author and Database Specialist
World Class CAD


Anthony Core's Short Bio

Charles Robbins approached me one day and asked if I would be interested in joining the efforts of World Class CAD. He must have known about my personal desire to invest eighteen years of Design experience into something indisputably valuable and positively beneficial for the wellfare of our local, and perhaps global community. After hearing from him firsthand, of World Class CAD; the reputation, the success stories and the future it holds – facilitating engineers, designers, architects toward advanced proficiency in their labors – my interest was boosted. And I understood that this is something to benefit the community.

I have had the opportunity to offer eighteen years of experience in the Graphic Arts field – encompassing an accumulative knowledge in design for sales and marketing materials and in supporting internal and external strategies for effective communications. Among the list of employers are Robert Selame Design where I worked alongside Robert in package design for nationally successful "Safety 1st" children’s safety products. I was Senior Designer with World Telecard, Inc., a telecommunications company that specialized in custom prepaid phone cards. One of the first braille phone card was implemented by us. Here I developed an in-house Design department, supervising the operations. My favorite experience was in the area of product development. Throughout these years I have had the opportunity to offer communications solutions through web development, promotional materials, corporate identity, packaging, catalogs, operating manuals as well as streamline database systems and business forms.

I attended Paier College of Art in New Haven, Connecticut, graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications. Though formally trained in design and visual composition, I am self-trained in web development.

Since 1998 I have operated a home-based Graphic Design company and in 2003 began an additional remodeling and construction design business.

In 1986 I also attended the Atlanta Olympics, as a volunteer security guard, working mostly at the Main Press Center... and even met Mark Spitz.

Outside the office, I like to travel and enjoy hiking and lounging outdoors with my wife, Mila.

Anthony Core
Web Designer and Author
World Class CAD


Stacie Graham's Short Bio

I am very excited to become part of this World Class team. As a web designer, I believe the online chapters will not only help me understand more about communication, but also will be a great experience for people who want to learn and use good examples that get right to the point. I know there are more people out there who learn better from step-to step illustrations, than groups who gain knowledge from reading many boring chapters that seem to be going nowhere. I can see the World Class challenge based learning style being a major factor in education someday.

I attended Technology Education College where I got my Associates Degree in Computer Applications in the year 2002. Presently, I am starting to work towards a Bachelors degree in Computer Programming and Web Design, doing most my work on the weekend.

Currently, I am a technician working at a computer repair company, with experience in repairing all types of system units and servers. With World Class CAD, I am expanding my career into web design and creating custom programs. Excelling in both computer hardware and software, my future in this industry is looking positive.

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I am a full-time mother of two and working a full-time job.

Stacie Graham
Web Designer
World Class CAD


Chris Scales' Short Bio

As a web designer, I am very excited about this World Class CAD project! A venture like this has been long overdue! When Charles Robbins first approached me, I thought that given an opportunity to participate as a great honor. Prospects like this come rarely. I definitely see World Class CAD as a rising success and as a web based designer, I can help incorporate some new ideas. My main goal for World Class CAD is to teach others how to use different computer to solve their everyday problems by using simple systematic instruction. Many people try to learn through reading books. The main problem that I have with many textbooks is that they ramble along not explaining the subject well. Many books try to explain or teach things at an intermediate level, when I am just beginning to learn. Many people who read these books are beginners like me and many of authors forget this when writing. With World Class CAD, I can help make a change to way beginners learn and work through the material in a fun and interactive way.

I attended Technology Education College (TEC) from September 2001 to December 2002. I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Computer Applications. Attending TEC was a great experience for me because my sixteen months there gave me a lot of experience in web page design, troubleshooting computers, and in office management. This experience has helped me a lot with my current job where I do technical support. At times, the job can be very challenging because not only do I have use the knowledge that I have with computers and software, but I also have to explain step-by-step procedures to many customers. With the knowledge I have gained from this job and other life experiences, I really believe I can help profeesionals learn various computer programs without struggling.

Chris Scales
Web Designer and Help Desk Specialist
World Class CAD



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