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Visual Basic Programming

Many times new programmers tell me that all the applications are written. Let's explore that question.

Do you have a program that assists you in choosing your wardrobe every morning when you get up?

Do you have a application that helps you write an assignment and points out areas where your work can be improved?

Do you have a computer tool that reminds you to contact someone that you have not seen all year?

These are more advanced programs than we would see in a beginning Visual Basic class, but if we continue to learn and try new methods, eventually we will find ourselves writing code that very few have imagined.

So complete each chapter and write one program per workday (about 5 a week) and after 10 weeks, we will become a highly competent programmer.

Unit 1
Ch 2: Hello World Program
Appendix A
Ch 3: Simple Math Program
Ch 3B: Basic Math Functions
Ch 4: VB Program: Resistor Sizing Calculator
Ch 4B: VB Program: Temperature Conversion Ap
Appendix B
Ch 5: Visual Basic: Condition Statement
Ch 6: Visual Basic: While Loop
Ch 7: VB: Subnet Calculator (Writing to a file)
Appendix D: Recipe Conversion Program
Ch 8: Coming Soon
Ch 9: Infusion Maintenance Program


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