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Spreadsheets using Excel 2003

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Spreadsheets using Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel is an application in the Office Suite, which individuals use to do math and organize data. The most common mathematics done in a spreadsheet is adding, then subtracting, multiplication and division, so anyone learning to utilize the software should understand the basics first. Another feature common in the application is the document's divisions of columns and rows that allow us to arrange information in logical fashion easily. The program also comes with a multitude of functions that help us to reduce the amount of work in handling data. With practice, most people discover they really enjoy working with spreadsheets.

The most identifiable feature of a spreadsheet is the lettered columns {A, B, C, D ….} and the numbered rows {1, 2, 3, 4 ….}. Each cell has a name that is made using the column letter and the row number. As we can observe in Figure 1.1, the first cell is named A1.


Table of Contents
Title Page
Prefix:The World Class CAD Training Method
Unit 1
Ch 1: Basic Math In Excel
Basic Math with Excel
Ch 2: Creating a Simple Spreadsheet
Video - Creating a Simple Spreadsheet
App A: Attendance with a Spreadsheet
Ch 3:Creating an Assessment Worksheet
Video - Creating an Assessment Worksheet
Ch 4:Using Simple Spreadsheet Formulas
Video - Using Simple Spredsheet Formulas
Video - Adding Mulitple 3D Pie Charts
Classroom Resources
Assignment Checklist
Customer Count Step by Step Procedure
Customer Count PowerPoint Presentation
Video - Customer Count (pt.1)
Video - Customer Count (pt.2)
Daily Usage Par Step by Step Procedure
Daily Usage Par PowerPoint Presentation
Costing a Recipe with an Excel Spreadsheet
Modifying the Cost Sheet
Practice Problems
Customer Count Problem 2
Customer Count Problem 3
Daily Usage Par Problem 1
Daily Usage Par Problem 2
Appendix A - Cost of Meals Spreadsheet
Appendix B - Food Pantry Donations Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet Review
Answer Keys
Customer Count 1 Answer Key
Customer Count 2 Answer Key
Customer Count 3 Answer Key
Daily Usage Par 1 Answer Key
Daily Usage Par 2 Answer Key
Cost Form

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