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Word Processing includes writing professional looking emails and letters. The following is a short guide for sending a professional email.

How to create a professional email

A professional email and a business letter have very similar characteristics. Emails begin with placing the recipient's email address in the "To:" textbox.

Example: To:

If you wish to copy the email to the supervisor that gave you the assignment, then place their email address in the "Cc:" or carbon copy textbox.

Example: Cc:

If you do not want the recipient to see the carbon copy email, then place the supervisor's email address in the "Bcc:" or blind carbon copy textbox.

Example: Bcc:

In the subject textbox, write a short phrase describing the email, such as "Questions for Chef Smith"

Example: Subject: Questions for Chef Smith

Not all email services have timely delivery, so place the date of your email at the top of the message. Use the long date, which means the syntax contains the month name, day and year. Emails can be forwarded to corporate offices that are not in the United States, and other countries use different date alignments such as day first, so 2/1/2008 could mean January 2, 2008 in other countries.

Example: April 30, 2008

Next comes the name, title and organization of the recipient. You do not need the street address, city, state, zip code or country in this section. Never send an email to an email address designed to collect thousands of messages. Be specific, which means call the party and allow an administrative assistant to give you the proper name, title and email address you request. This requires good telephone skills, which has another set of rules.


Chef Gordon Smith
Executive Chef
Big Restaurant LLC

Now we add the salutation. Leave dears for your relatives. Just place their name above the first paragraph.

Example: Chef Gordon Smith,

Professional emails should have a minimum of three paragraphs, the opening, the body and the closing. The opening should be to the point in 99.99% of all emails, unless you are breaking the news or information guardingly, then you could move the main point towards the end of an email.

Example: I would like to discuss with you some of your main experiences in becoming an executive chef and I have several pointed questions about you last article in the cooking magazine of April 2008.

The second paragraph in an email should give us the "why" of why should this individual respond to our request. As a professional, the majority of the time, they will respond to a properly written email, letter or verbal request. Put the reason you need to get the information and make sure you include the due date.

Example: The interview is part of a requirement in my Kitchen class at the Columbus Culinary Institute with Chef Super. The assignment is due on June 14, 2008 and I would be happy to send you a copy of my report for your records.

The last paragraph is the Contact me section. List times when and phone numbers where you will be available. For example, if you are only available from 9 to 10 pm on Wednesdays then just put that information. This enables the recipient to avoid playing telephone tag with you.

Example: I am available Monday through Friday from 6 to 9 am on the weekends from 7 to 11 pm. My private cell line is 614-213-0001

Then close the professional email with a thank you or look forward to talking to you. Then next comes your full name and below your name, is typed your title.


Thank you,

Joe Jones
Chef Apprentice

Now all you need to do is spell check the email and allow a co-worker to proof it. After making any corrections, send the email.

Table of Contents
Title Page
Ch 1: Introduction to Word Processing
Unit 1
Ch 2: How to Create a Cover Letter
Video - Cover Letter - Pt1
Video - Cover Letter - Pt2
Cover Letter Example
Ch 3: How to Create a Single Page Announcement
Video - Science Club Poster
Single Page Announcement Exercise - Science Club
Ch 4: How to Create a Resume
Video - Resume - Pt1
Video - Resume - Pt2
Video - Resume - Pt3
Video - Resume - Pt4
Resume Samples
Unit 2
Ch 5: Writing at the College Level
Writing at College Level Power Point Presentation
Video - Writing at the College Level
Ch 6: Writing a Short 500 Word Report
Research Paper Example 1
Research Paper Example 2 with Graphics
Graphics and Text for Research Paper 2
Writing at College Level Handout
Ch 7: Creating a Newsletter
Newsletter Example
Video - Creating a Newsletter
Unit 3
Ch 8: Controlling a Document with Table and Cells
Controlling Documents with Tables and Cells
Ch 9: Writing a Design Document
Ch 10: Controlling Files within a MS Word Document
Unit 4
Ch 11: Web Design with MS Word
Ch 12: Editing and Peer Review
Ch 13: Programming VBA in MS Word
VBA in MS Word Example
Unit 5
Ch 14: Citations and Footnotes
OCR Scan and Convert with Microsoft OneNote Lesson
Classroom Resources
Assignment Checklist
What a computer should do
Typing Test
Send a Professional Email
Send a Prodessional Letter
Word Processing Review
Word Processing Exercise 1 (Word 2003 document)
Word Processing Exercise 2 (short quiz)
Word Processing Exercise 3 (short quiz)
Setting Up Voice Recognition in Windows 7
Online Quizzes
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