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SQL Installation Lesson   SQL Server 2012 Review
Create a SQL Database - Food Ordering Lesson   Quiz SQL Server 2012
Building a SQL Database - Inventory Lesson   Protect SQL Database Review
Create a SQL Table Lesson   Quiz Protect SQL Database
Input Records into a SQL Database Lesson   Columnstore Feature Review
Import Data into SQL Lesson   Quiz Columnstore Feature
  Security Review
Access and SQL Server Lessons   Quiz Security
Setup ODBC to Connect to Windows 2012 SQL    
Connect MS Access to SQL Server    
Create an Address Table in a SQL Server    
Oracle Lessons
Setup Up Oracle Express
Setup Up Oracle Developer
Input Data into a Table with SQL
Rename a Table Column with SQL
Data Types in SQL
Create a Table with SQL
SQL Exercises
Working with Tables Exercise
Select Statement Exercise
Select Statement with Filters
Select Statement with Specific Filters
SQL Functions
String Functions
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