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Do YOU want to

Obtain the skills to be
A Designer, an Inventor
An Engineering programmer
A CAD Drafter
An Engineering technician or more …

Or how about starting or continuing your education in Architecture or Engineering

You do know that the 21st century has challenges to solve and we need TALENTED people to find answers to problems like:

  • Electric Car Systems that work and Clean Energy for homes and businesses
  • Global Warming and Clean Water Issues
  • Needed Medical Advances for everyone
  • Faster Computer Networks for entertainment
  • Rapid Prototyping Systems to make products faster
  • 3D Models and Programs for Virtual Systems
  • and more…..

Learn to master the Design concepts needed today online or

There is a team of instructors at

Kaplan College -Columbus Campus
2745 Winchester Pike
Columbus, Ohio 43232

that teaches Computer Aided Design (CAD) to World Class CAD standards

we believe You should

  • Trust that what you learn will give you an edge in these careers
  • Join an open group of professionals seeking to be the best
  • Train to a World Class CAD Standard

    Everyday, Find new Knowledge at

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