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We begin the World Class CAD training with the Fundamentals of 2D Drawing starting with the basics of orthographic drawing and dimensioning, but will proceed towards the highest level of engineering and architectural documentation. Since the 1990's many companies are in demand of individuals with 3D drawing skills, where their customers want to see what the part or assembly will look like. That is our next level of training, as we become experts in 3D part drawing technique and simple XREF assemblies.

Before heading into studying the principles of architectural, civil and mechanical design, out third area of concentration is in the fundamentals of programming. With our templates for constructing a successful sequence of code, any 2D or 3D part can be easily drawn in seconds after inputting answers for the variables. These programs are so easy to write that we teach code construction early.

The basic courses in design are to teach the student what they need to know about designing and building the product or dwelling. More advanced subjects allow the professional to look into complex areas of design and to determine they will be functional prior to production of the design. With the addition of material to the construction of 3D part and the insights into their action with the study of Finite Element Analysis, in the future all designs will be entirely examined before the first real material is constructed.


Table of Contents
Unit 1
Ch. 3: Solids Problem 2
Ch. 4: Solids Problem 3
Ch. 5: Solids Problem 4
Ch. 6: Solids Problem 5
Ch. 7: Solids Problem 6
Ch. 8: Solids Problem 7
Ch. 9: Solids Problem 8
Ch. 10: Solids Problem 9
Ch. 11: Solids Problem 10
Appendix A: Practice Problems
Unit 2
Ch. 12: Revolving Problem 1
Ch. 13: Revolving Problem 2
Ch. 14: Revolving Problem 3
Appendix B: Practice Problems
Unit 3
Ch. 15: Tenviewing a Solid
Ch. 16: Creating a 2D drawing in Paper Space
Appendix C: Problems 1-13 Solutions
Unit 4
Ch. 17: Making a Simple 3D Assembly
Ch. 18: What's Next
Instructor Support
New Scoring Spreadsheet
Student Support
Complete Drawing Packet (printable)


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