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Fundamentals of 2D Drawing

By Charles Robbins (Author), Mark Bughman (Author)


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Spiral Bound: 267 pages

Published by World Class CAD, LLC, 2nd Edition


Copyright: 2007

Table of Contents

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

Shipping Weight: 1 lb

Unit 1


Ch. 3: Dimensioning the Rectangle Problem  
Ch. 4: Placing Notes on the Rectangle Problem  
Appendix A Practice Problems  
Unit 2  
Ch. 5: The Circular Problem  
Ch. 6: Dimensioning the Circular Problem  
Ch. 7: Placing Notes on the Circular Problem  
Appendix B Practice Problems  
Unit 3  
Ch. 8: Making a Drawing Template  
Ch. 8a: Making a Metric Drawing Template  
Ch. 8b: Making an Architectural Drawing Template  
Ch. 9: Making a Titleblock and Borders  
Appendix C Practice Problems  
Unit 4  
Ch. 10: The Bracket Problem  
Ch. 11: Dimensioning the Bracket Problem  
Ch. 12: Placing Notes on the Bracket Problem  
Appendix D Practice Problems  
Unit 5  
Ch. 13: The Architectural Floor Plan  
Ch. 14 : The Next Step  
Appendix E The First Floor Plan  
Instructor Support  
New Scoring Spreadsheet  

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