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Pro - Engineer


Student CAD Software is Priced to Your Advantage

by Charles Robbins

Many years ago, the 1970's to be more exact, my only exposure to the world of computer aided design was through a main frame system that cost nearly $250,000 a seat. By the 1980's, Autodesk released software brought that number down to a few thousand dollars, but this was very expensive for newcomers to learn innovative skills. As a college instructor in the 1990's, educational software was still around $1200 per copy, but presently in 2006, the companies representing the powerful design software's are releasing their systems at an extremely advantageous prices.

Not only have I and my staff professionally trained nearly a thousand individuals in the industry, but we constantly are barraged with inquires as to how to learn to communicate efficiently with the computer aided design programs and to do so economically. Well, with the major players in our market making their products available to schools, teachers and students at very low prices or free, then another inhibitor to training future drafters, designers, architects and engineers is eliminated. We presented a report to a national college system last month and in my report, Autodesk, Bentley Systems, IBM, PTC and Solidworks all had products that are affordable to many high school and college students. In our experience, my staff and I have never found a student that could not earn $200 to fund their own education and purchase their own training software.

Many times for ease, we direct our students to, a distributor of educational materials and they have AutoCAD 2009, Pro Engineer Wildfire 2.0 and Solidworks 2005-2006 education versions available for anyone providing proof of their enrollment in an instructional program. I have personally used their services and have sent hundreds of students in their direction for CAD software for many years. IBM CATIA software is available at
in a very competitive fashion with all four of the other systems mentioned in this review. Bentley Systems has PowerDraft available for free downloading and states on their website that by providing easy access to their software, their contribution towards education "helps students and professors incorporate architecture, engineering, and construction technology into the classroom, increasing the number of career-ready engineers."

My staff and I agree with the Bentley Systems' statement and we are pleased to present this information to the World Class CAD patrons looking to purchase their own packages. If you require a letter from our organization to purchase any of the educational software, then you must officially register for your World Class CAD account. After registering you may contact us and let us know that you require a letter stating you are a World Class CAD student.

and type AutoCAD in the Search box
CATIA Student Version Software V5 R16
Bentley Systems Inc, MicroStation PowerDraft
Pro - Engineer
PTC Pro Engineer Wildfire 2.0 Student Edition (Windows)
and type Solidworks in the Search box
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