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Linux and Shell Scripting

Have you ever dreamed about having your own business? Would you like to be an entrepreneur? Or would you like the ability to set up an office for your corporation. Well, in the first chapters we will begin by showing you how to purchase a computer. You will know exactly what to look for when you enter the world of digital machines. For the advanced students, we will show you how to build a computer from scratch. All of these skills are comprise the initial stage in becoming a successful network engineer.

In the second half of the text book we will effectively show you how to connect to the Internet. This is the second stage in becoming a successful network engineer. These chapters will help your business out in the long run, since many people use the Internet for their handing information flow. We will show you how to get on the Internet, whether you are using wireless adapters or if you're going to connect using hard wired cables. Network settings will be the key step in building a successful network.

In the last chapters we will discuss the most "over-looked" item in many businesses. There are businesses that never prepare for a disaster to occur. What would happen if an employee were to visit another organization's website and moments later a thousand pages saved on their computer were deleted due to a virus? Where does your company go from here? What would you do if you did not have a backup copy stored on another computer or on a backup server? Well, in the final chapters we will show you how to backup your data files using FTP and saving your work to a different location.


Title Page
Ch 1: Introduction to Linux
Ch 2: Learning Bash Commands
Ch 3: Linux File Processing
Ch 4: Using the Text Editors
Ch 5: Shell Scripting: Basic Math
Ch 6: Shell Scripting: User Prompts
Ch 7: Shell Scripting: Condition Statements
Ch 8: Shell Scripting: For Loops
Ch 9: Shell Scripting: While Loops
Linux and Shell Scripting PowerPoints
A Short History of Linux
Learning Bash Commands
File Processing
Shell Scripting Language - Basic Math
Shell Scripting Language - User Prompts
Shell Scripting Language - Condition Statement
Shell Scripting Language - For Loop
Shell Scripting Language - While Loop
Linux Quizzes and Test
Chapter 1 Quiz: Unix and Linux
Chapter 3 Quiz: VI Editor
Midterm Review
File Processing Matching Exercise
Chapter 5 Quiz: File Processing
Chapter 6 Quiz: Shell Scripts
Shell Scripting Exercise 1
Shell Scripting Exercise 2
Chapter 7 Quiz: Writing Shell Scripts
Final Examination

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