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Rashedah's Short Bio

My name is Rashedah Monk, and I will be graduating with an Associates Degree of Arts in Computer Applications (Web Design) on January 16th, 2004, from a small 450 student private college in Columbus, Ohio; Technology Education College, of Kaplan Higher Education network. My area off expertise is in web page design, where I my creative skills have introduced multiple web sites on the Internet.

My web sites have been on subjects ranging from gardening,, hairstyle (, training and educating professional computer-aided design for college students and professionals (, photography studio (, My sites use Flash and GIF animations to entertain the user and draw them to the online information with a coordinated style to allow for simplicity of use. The Flash MX® movie can be seen in entirety or can be skipped by pressing a button. The use of PDF files keeps the HTML pages trouble-free, yet clean looking, which is imperative for buying and selling products on line. My forms are easy to use and allow for submission and resetting, and I have added capabilities to cater to existing customers by using customer numbers. Patrons can download files by double clicking on the link and saving a file to their desktop. All said, a web page will be added to a client's favorites list by developing exquisite digital graphics and tastefully placing these among similar shaped and colored text and navigation bars. One must strive to incorporate the look of the company's Internet communication tool into existing and new tangible documentation, like business cards, letterheads, shipping labels, packaging, store front signage, advertisements and spoke person's presentations. Although, all of the above requires tremendous computer skills, listening and being patient with the customer and their clients is paramount to project success. I look forward to the start and finish of every World Wide Web endeavor.

I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia where my twin sister and my other two brothers and one sister were raised by conservative parents, emphasizing school, work ethic and strong spiritual belief system. Singing, reading and traveling are important to me now as they were while growing up. A disciplined Muslim lifestyle is the cornerstone that enables me to learn new things in life, and allows me to grow in college and beyond.

Involving myself in my community is important. In 1999 I volunteer at Columbus Urban League, cleaning up the intercity neighborhoods and mowing lawns for abandon house. In 1998 I help to cook and serve food for homeless family, with Volunteers of America food drive in Philadelphia, Pa. Upon graduation I plan to purose a web designer postion in the Washington, DC area.



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