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Drawing Solutions

After learning to change a 3D solid model to an orthographic detail in chapters 15 and 16, go back and make individual two-dimensional drawings of the first ten solids, the three revolving solids and then finally the Foot Stool assembly. Check your solutions against the drawings shown on this web page.

Many students will be able to create a 3D solid, convert to 2D, dimension, add notes and title block in less than one hour for any part drawing.

When you feel that the challenges of 3D drawing is under your control, and your World Class CAD times reflect the times in the training chapters, check out the examination requirements on the World Class CAD certification web page on this site. Earn all three levels of 3D certification.

For those of you who know that 3D assembly and complex parts are in your future, then start to do the problems in the Computer Aided Mechanical Design chapters that are posted on this web site.

Ch. 3: Solids Problem 2
Ch. 5: Solids Problem 4
Ch. 6: Solids Problem 5
Ch. 7: Solids Problem 6
Ch. 8: Solids Problem 7
Ch. 9: Solids Problem 8
Ch. 10: Solids Problem 9
Ch. 11: Solids Problem 10
Practice Problem A1
Ch. 12: Revolving Problem 1
Ch. 13: Revolving Problem 2
Ch. 14: Revolving Problem 3
Practice Problem B1
Ch. 17: Foot Stool Assembly

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