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Graphic Design includes creating professional looking business cards. The following is a short guide to assist in the decision making process.

How to create a professional business card

When we meet another professional like ourselves or a potential customer, we want them to have their own copy our card with our name, title, mailing or address, phone numbers and emails. We will lose our business like image, if we do not have a small clean looking document to give them holding this basic yet critical information. In this lesson, we will learn the basic skills needed to design a tasteful and useful card that we will carry throughout our career.

Before beginning the business card project, sketch out a simple design. In our illustration, we will need to decide what name, title, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, logos and taglines we want to use. We need to determine whether this information should be just on the front of the card or on both sides.

Some cards contain a logo from our organization, so that solves the image dilemma. Some individuals like to place a small sized high-resolution picture of them on the document. If we decide to use a random graphic, this image will essentially become our logo after we distribute hundreds or even thousands of cards. That illustration becomes a trademark of us, so we should chose wisely when picking our business card image.

The address on our 2 by 3.5 inch paper should be correct and we should be at that location regularly to check for mail and packages sent to us. Some cards have a neighborhood office address including the main office location printed on the small rectangular paper.

The phone number should be much more than a voice mail service, but should be your actual phone or an administrative assistant to take and give messages. For small home and family businesses, we can train a family member to receive calls and act as our agent. Then we can place their number on the card and we can have our representative who knows our daily schedule give real information to people inquiring about our schedule and services.

The email address should contain our business web address whenever possible, like the example For individuals with Gmail, Yahoo and Aol accounts, make sure the web address reflects our professional nature. We do not want a web address, such as when we try to portray a professional image to the customer or potential employer.

For personal cards, we use our legal name as the main text instead of the organization name. In addition, every professional has a title whether given by degree or position, so use the designation earned or given to us on the card.

Taglines are useful in giving that critical additional information to the customer or potential employer. If we have won a prize for our latest college report in a regional contest, we could have a tagline of "2009 Award Winning Author". If our specialty is in graphics, we can say on the card "Maker of Remarkable Illustrations". We utilize taglines when people do not know our specialties and the short phrase helps communicate our strengths to them.

If a tagline is not enough and we wish to promote a few of our products, we can list them on the back of our card as shown in figure 1.2.

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