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Food Yield Chart from's Southern Food

Approximate Yields of Fruits and Vegetables from

Knowing the basic functions of math is fine for many professions, and in the culinary arts, measuring skills and experience converting numbers from one system to another is crucial to our success. The math drills on this webpage will describe the techniques to execute a math process and then give you anywhere from 10 to 20 chances to solve problems using the method. Contact World Class CAD if you desire more support in perfecting your math skills.

There are also quick references for your use and solution sheets to self evaluate your work on this webpage.

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Soon, the World Class CAD Virtual Classroom will expand to include other math classes. Watch for these lessons.

Unit 1 - Measurement
Flash: Basic Math Principles: Fractions
Online Quiz: Fractions Exercise 1
Unit 2 Quiz
Unit 2 - Conversions
Ch.5: Advanced Unit Conversions
Ch.6: Density Conversions
Chapter 1 through 6 Review
Unit 3 - Yields and Simple Costs
Ch.7: Yield Percentages
Ch.8: Cost per Unit of Measure
Ch.9: Costing a Simple Recipe
Chapter 1 through 10 Review
Unit 4 - More Complex Costing
Ch.10: More Complex Cost Sheets
Ch.11: Costing Beverages
Ch.12: Computing a Recipe by Parts
Chapter 1 through 12 Review
Math Drills
Unit 1
Adding Fractions
Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Volume Measurement Pretest
Volume Measurement Practice #1
Volume Measurement Practice #2
Volume Measurement Practice #3
Chapter 1 and 2 Review
Unit 2
Recipe Reduction Exercise
Chapter 1 though 4 review
Chapter 1 through 4 exercise 1
Chapter 1 through 4 exercise 2
Recipe Conversions with Metric
Recipe Conversion Exercise
Unit 3
Chapter 1 through 7 Review
Chapter 1 through 7 Exercise
Edible and Purchased Quantities
Edible and Purchased Quantities 2
Unit 4
Chapter 1 through 11 Review
Chapter 1 through 11 Exercise
EPC Exercise 1
EPC Exercise 2
Metric Costing Exercise
Chapter 1 through 15 Exercise
Chapter 1 through 15 Exercise 2
Metric Conversion Review 1
Online Quiz: Metric Conversion Quiz 1
Metric Conversion Review 2
Online Quiz: Metric Conversion Quiz 2
Metric Conversion Review 3
Online Quiz: Metric Conversion Quiz 3
Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart
Food Cost Form
Food Cost Form Spreadsheet - New
Recommended Books
The Book of Yields Accuracy in Food Costing and Purchasing - Francis T. Lynch

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