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Internet Search Techniques

Whatever profession we choose, searching for information on the Internet for business facts, addresses, maps and thousands of other important pieces of data is crucial to our own personal career goals and our company's success. While the Internet has vast amounts of facts presented by governmental agencies (.gov), educational establishments (.edu), non-profit groups (.org), the United States military (.mil), and private commercial enterprises (.com), we need to learn techniques on how to trim down the number of web pages that our search finds.

One part of the Internet is a collection of computers called web servers that contain web pages, which include mostly text and images. Many sites have or are adding music and videos to their list of choices now that high-speed data connections are prevalent. When a computer user wants to locate a certain fact, they can use a web browsing program such as Internet Explorer along with a corporate search engine such as,, and

Whatever we wish to discover, all we have to do is type a web address such as on the address bar and press enter and the home page of the site appears. However, just visiting a homepage does not necessarily help us determine the data we wish to ascertain. Therefore, individual web browsers use Search Engine programs to assist them in obtaining facts.



Web Browsing
Internet Search Techniques
Internet Search Practice
Internet Search Practice 2
Internet Shortcuts
Video Capturing
Using Microsoft Encoder to Create a Video Capture Movie
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Online Quiz: Binary,Octal and Hexadecimal Numbers

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