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Table of Contents

Computer Aided Design is branching into other disciplines that require two and three-dimensional graphics. Web design is an exciting method for designers to communicate the visual and written information to their customers. This first textbook, World Class CAD, HTML Basics will teach the fundamentals of web design.

The author and World Class CAD web designer, Stacie Graham is working on a second college degree at DeVry University and works full-time as a professional building and troubleshooting servers.

Ch 1: World Class CAD Web Design Training Method
Add 1: Storyboarding
Ch 2: How to Make a Simple Web Page using HTML
Ch 4: Learning Headings in HTML Programming
Ch 5: Learn to Make Text Big and Small in HTML Programming
Ch 6: Making Hyperlinks in HTML Programming
Ch 7: Learning Alignment in HTML Programming
Ch 8: Making Tables and Columns in HTML Programming
Ch 9: Adding Color in HTML Programming
Ch 10: Learning Fonts in HTML Programming
Ch 11: Making Forms in HTML Programming
Ch 12: Putting It All Together in HTML Programming


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