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Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are essential tools for fighting small fires before building sprinkler systems engage. Fire extinguishers are to be inspected annually and an inspection tag should be attached. Each month, the organization's safety person should check the fire extinguishers to ensure the pressure needle is in the green section of the pressure dial. There are twelve spaces on the back of the certification card so that the safety person can date and initial each month the extinguisher is inspected. Once the extinguisher is used or damaged, we need to replace the unit.

Designers should pay attention to the location of the fire extinguishers. They should be mounted in areas of potential threat. They should not be positioned so that they can be easily knocked off their holder such as in high traffic areas. Companies supplying fire extinguishers have recessed cabinets to hold the units if they are in hallways and stairways.



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